Conversion of Contacts from XLS to PST

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Outlook has becomes the prominent desktop client for most of the organizations or enterprises since it personalizes the information in organized manner. Outlook stores emails, calendars, contacts, notes, journal and tasks professionally. Earlier, the contacts were saved mainly in the XLS sheet with specified fields and data got stored in rows and column formats. Although the data were properly saved in the spreadsheet, it was not arranged precisely, making it difficult to search. But, if the contacts are stored within the contact folder of Outlook PST it will be stored precisely.

For a business enterprise, contact data file will be of large size and there are chances for losing the contacts details. So, it necessitates to convert XLS to PST so that contacts stored in the .xls can be easily managed and view. And since every organization has Outlook, contacts can be saved to it and preserved. The conversion can be followed with Excel Contacts to Outlook software. The tool attains an evenly conversion of all the contact of the XLS to PST without any changes after the completion of conversion. The users can see the contacts in tile form and is stored in alphabetical order; makes the searching easier.

Steps For the Conversion of Contacts from XLS File to PST

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  1. Download the tool and choose 'Browse' option to add the file.

  2. Once the file has been added, click on 'Next' button.
  3. Map the fields of the XLS file with the MS Outlook attributes
  4. Choose the 'Convert' option to export XLS to PST format

Let's Get a Glimpse On the File Formats XLS and PST

XLS: It is the file extension of Excel Sheet 97-2003, where XLS stands for 'eXceL Spreadsheet' and it is been deployed by Microsoft. Excel stores data in rows and columns and was used mostly in earlier times. It uses Binary Interchange File Format for storing the data appropriately and is kept in fixed-size streams. The stream contains the meta-data which includes the author name, names of individual sheets, etc

PST: PST is the file format supported in MS Outlook, the desktop mail client developed by the Microsoft. All the emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks and journals are stored in PST; Personal Storage Table. The earlier version of Outlook contained ANSI PST and from 2003 versions you will find Unicode PST. Since it maintains other information apart from the emailing, most of the organizations or enterprises prefer MS Outlook as well as it is simpler as compared to other client interface. And therefore the conversion of contacts from XLS to PST benefits to import innumerable contacts into different range of email applications and smartphones instead of any strenuous efforts