Simple Tool to Convert XLS Contacts to VCF

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Do you need to import your contacts list from XLS to Smartphone? Smartphone do not import contacts from excel file to its contact list. Therefore, we need to convert XLS contacts to VCF format. The contacts in smart phones are stored as electronic business Cards and the business cards have the file extension as .vcf. So the conversion allows the Smartphone users to add the contacts to the contact list. Here comes the need for XLS to VCF conversion.

The manual mapping of the contacts to Business cards may be tedious task. The manual effort and time can be saved by taking the advantage of Excel Contacts to vCard software. This tool is capable to convert XLS to VCF without any difficulty. It created single VCF file for each contacts. Multiple contacts can be converted in one go. The tool previews the contacts before converting user can view and analyze the contact details before migrating to VCF. This is an efficient and simple tool that anyone can use

Basic steps for Conversion of Contacts from XLS to VCF

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  1. Browse the required XLS file and preview the contact details

  2. Map the fields to convert XLS contacts to VCF
  3. Select the vCard version to which the contacts should be migrated.
  4. Click the convert button to export contacts from XLS to VCF

Let's Have a Brief Look into XLS and VCF Formats

XLS File: XLS is the primary file format used by Microsoft Excel upto 2007. Basically, Xls is a binary file format. The excel document with the .xls extension is the main spreadsheet format which is capable of holding macros, worksheets, charts etc. The latest versions of Microsoft Excel replaced XLS with XLSX as the proprietary file format. XLSX files are capable of holding XML text documents. XLS files hold data in ordered format as rows and columns. Each grid in the file is called cells.This format helps to organize the data specific manner. But the issue arises when need occurs to use contacts in different applications which get sort easily if user convert XLS contacts to VCF format.

VCF File: vCard is stands electronic business cards. vCard file saves documents as.vcf or .vcard extension. These files hold names, emails, mobile numbers, contact address, office addresses, logos, profile pictures, etc. VCF are often a container for holding contact details in email clients or instant messaging apps. The contact details are listed in various tags like BEGIN, END, VERSION, PHOTO, LABEL, etc. additional tags like HOBBY, INTEREST; etc increases the readability of the contents from the business cards. Thus with the conversion of contacts from XLS to VCF it can be shared and viewed effortlessly in wide variety of applications.